Best Ebs Patch Cables

So, if you're looking for a good ebs patch cables to get the job done and don't want to waste a single second reading another website, look no further.

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List of Top Ebs Patch Cables

Review of Best Ebs Patch Cables

1. Donner Flat Patch Cables for Guitar Effect Pedal 6 Inch Save Space Clear Sound 1/4" TS Right Angle 6 Packs

  • Flat Top Patch Cables Save Space: The flat-shaped outer PVC jacket and moduled plugs keep wiring cleaner and neater, saving room on pedal boards.
  • Transfer Crystal Clear Sound: Standard audio connector, solid outside casting, durable shielding, oxygen-free copper conductors allows for low capacitance which lends to a pure signal transparency and no noise.
  • Flexible Pedal Cables without Stiffness: The flat PVC jacket improves the flexibility and durability. 6 Inch effects patch cable is long enough for easy fit.
  • Two big core audio plug, In=Out Technology, molded TS 1/4" right angle Plugs are perfect for pedal boards.
  • Used for audio signal transmission of microphone, amplifier, mixing console and other equipment.

2. Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cable 3-Pack, 3in, Black (P06220)

  • Easily maneuver cables to fit your pedals exactly where you want them with our flat-cable design
  • 99.95% oxygen-free copper to resist corrosion
  • Low profile metal connectors and built-in strain relief provide sleek yet durable construction
  • Shielding materials preserve signal with low handling noise, and the durable PVC jacket exterior ensures long-lasting performance
  • Pack of three 3" black flat ribbon patch cables

3. 6 Units - 6 Inch -Pedal, Effects, Patch, Instrument Cable Custom Made by WORLDS BEST CABLES – Made Using Mogami 2319 Wire and Eminence Gold Plated ¼ inch (6.35mm) R/A Pancake Type Connectors

  • This is a custom built cable assembly, by WORLDS BEST CABLES (WBC). This cable assembly is made using the Mogami 2319 wire and Eminence Premium Gold Plated 1/4 Inch right-angled, low profile Pancake type Connectors. We at WBC always make world-class custom-built cable assemblies using many of the leading cable and connector brands, if you are unable to find the length and type of cable you are looking for, please feel free to contact us, we will strive to assemble the required cable for you.
  • The brand of wire we used for this custom cable assembly: Mogami, one of the most sought after Pro cable brands, preferred by major recording studios and leading sound engineers around the world. All Mogami cables are made in Nagano – Japan using the best materials and technological expertise of decades of R&D.
  • The brand of connector we used for this custom cable assembly: Eminence Premium Gold Plated 1/4 Inch right-angled, low profile Pancake type Connector - Heavy-duty construction with the lowest profile pancake design in the market to save space. High-End Gold plating increases conductivity, tarnish-resistance & visually compliments the rig. Custom Boot protects the cable from damage by handling stresses. PLEASE CHECK PLUG DIMENSIONS PRIOR TO THE PURCHASE.
  • All our bespoke cables are professionally soldered using WORLDS BEST CABLES proprietary 4% silver solder blend & a nitrogen-assisted soldering process unique to us, exceeding industry standards, improves integrity of solder joints over traditional methods.
  • These are custom made cables lovingly assembled by WORLDS BEST CABLES, we offer the largest array of custom built cables in the market, we carry all the major cable and connector brands. We have served millions of customers with quality assemblies for many years - This sale is for 6 patch cables (6 units), each cable is 6 inches long. Cable length is measured from TIP to TIP as depicted in the images in this listing (please refer to the image gallery).

4. Pig Hog PHLSK6BK Lil' Pigs Low Profile Right-Angle 1/4" Black Instrument Patch Cables, 6" (4 Pack)

  • Four high performance 6” patch cables
  • Flat, high quality Rubber Outer Covering
  • Low profile 1/4"-1/4" Right angle connector
  • Lifetime

5. Donner 12 Inch Guitar Patch Cable Guitar Effect Pedal Cables Black 6 Pack

  • Solid and durable, good connection cable transmits high fidelity signal to the equipment.
  • 21 AWG high-quality audio cable, 12" long, and good applicability. Our effect cables provide noise rejection for quiet operation, ultra-low capacitance which makes sure the signal is not disturbed.
  • Two big core audio plug, In=Out Technology, molded TS 1/4" Plugs are perfect for pedalboards.
  • Standard audio connector, solid outside casting, utilize extremely high content OFC conductors for low capacitance and clear tone.
  • Used for audio signal transmission of microphone, amplifier, mixing console, and other equipment.

6. M MAKA Flat Low Profile Guitar Patch Cable 6 inch for Effects Pedals, 1/4 inch Right-Angle, Black, 3-Pack New Version

  • MAKA Flat Patch Cable is designed to reduce space on your pedalboard while still provides great sound quality. The special flat outer PVC jacket and moduled plugs improve the flexibility and durability.
  • Purest OFC copper conductors for signal and ground
  • PVC and PE coats for insulation
  • Crystal clear sounding which doesn't affect your original tone
  • The new version has smaller plugs, which allows you to use the cables for close jackets easily.The new version has smaller plugs, which allows you to use the cables for close jackets easily.

7. Rockgear Y Splitter Cable, 30 cm / 11.81", Black

  • RockBoard Flat Y-Splitter cable
  • open up the possibilities with this simple cable

8. Rock Stock Flat Patch Guitar Effects Pedal Cables with Gold Plated Connectors (3 Pack)

  • MAXIMIZE YOUR PEDALBOARD REAL-ESTATE: Our ultra thin connectors and flat ribbon cable give you more space on your pedalboard.
  • CHOOSE THE PERFECT LENGTH: Choose between 4",6", and 12" patch cables available in 3-packs to connect your entire board with quality cables.
  • S AND C-SHAPE RIGHT ANGLE CONFIGURATION: This allows for top and side-mounted 1/4" TS instrument jacks, saving you space and creating a clean pedalboard layout.
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY AND AUDIO SIGNAL: Corrosion resistant gold tipped right angle connectors provide ultimate longevity and improved audio quality.
  • GUARANTEED LOW NOISE & GREAT TONE: Oxygen free copper conductor minimizes impedance, while the braided copper shielding and PVC jacket protect your signal from outside noise resulting in killer tone, guaranteed!

9. EBS Cables PCF-58 Flat Patch Cable

  • Length: 58cm
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3 mm (rectangular cable)
  • Connectors: ¼” 90 degrees angled audio plug

10. EBS PG Premium Gold Flat Patch Cable, 11"

  • Double shielded cables and very low resistance.
  • Extremely compact size and flexible cables ensure effective use of ALL space on your pedalboard.
  • Available in four lengths to cover your needs; 4, 7, 11 and 22” (10, 18, 28 and 58 cm.)
  • 24 kt gold-plated 1/4" contacts and housing
  • Keeps your signal path clean and strong all the way through the pedalboard.

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